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We traverse the savannas and climb snow-capped mountains of East Africa. We bridge cultures, navigate diverse landscapes, and speak the language of adventure. Here at Likana Safaris, curiosity is our compass, and we’re constantly seeking new ways to unveil the magic of East Africa.

We understand that planning a safari can be daunting. But witnessing a lion stalk its prey, or a family of elephants at a watering hole, creates memories that last a lifetime. We take immense pride in crafting unforgettable experiences, fostering a deep connection with the wonders of East Africa.

Join us in building something extraordinary. We’re not just creating safaris, we’re weaving stories that leave an indelible mark on the soul.

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Beyond the booking

Help People experience East Africa through Travel

Job Openings

Join us in championing sustainable tourism and wildlife conservation! Be at the forefront of our mission by managing impactful marketing campaigns and spreading awareness worldwide

Research Opportunities

Be a part of groundbreaking research on sustainable tourism! Explore the impact of travel on local communities and the environment, and contribute to shaping responsible travel practices for the future


Immerse yourself in the world of wildlife conservation and sustainable tourism! Get hands-on experience in research, community engagement, and conservation efforts that make a real difference

Why Work With Us


Growth Opportunities

Unlock your potential with Likana Safaris. Grow personally and professionally while working in a dynamic environment that fosters innovation and continuous learning.


Impactful Conservation Efforts

Make a real difference with Likana Safaris. Your work will directly contribute to the conservation of wildlife and the preservation of natural habitats in East Africa.


Dynamic Work Environment

Join a passionate team dedicated to conservation and sustainable tourism. Likana Safaris offers a stimulating work environment where every day is a new adventure.


Community Engagement

Likana Safari's initiatives empower communities through sustainable development, creating lasting benefits for all.

Employee experiences

Explore why our team loves Likana Safaris. Read employee stories to see what makes working with us so rewarding.

Join Our Team: Application Process

To apply for open positions at Likana Safaris, please follow these steps:

  • Review the current job openings, internships, volunteer positions, or research opportunities listed on our Careers page.
  • Prepare your resume/CV and any other required documents or information.
  • Click on the “Apply Now” button next to the position you are interested in.
  • Fill out the application form and upload your resume/CV and any other required documents.
  • Submit your application before the deadline specified in the job posting.

Once we receive your application, our hiring team will review it and contact you if your qualifications match our requirements. Currently, there are no vacancies available, If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us.

Explore Our Culture and Values

Discover what drives Likana Safaris and shapes our exceptional experiences

Customer Centricity

Putting our customers first is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to exceed their expectations by providing exceptional service and unforgettable experiences.


Collaboration is key to our success. We value teamwork and believe that by working together, we can achieve great things and create memorable experiences for our customers.

Global Citizenship

As global citizens, we recognize our responsibility to the planet and its people. We are committed to promoting sustainable tourism practices and making a positive impact on the communities we visit.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Likana Safaris, we are dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our work. We believe that by embracing a variety of perspectives and backgrounds, we can create a more vibrant and innovative team. Our commitment to diversity extends beyond our internal team to our interactions with local communities and conservation partners. We strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected, and where diverse ideas are encouraged and celebrated. Through our efforts, we aim to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable world for all.

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Your FAQs answered

Common questions

Likana Safaris offers a range of benefits including competitive salaries, health insurance, and opportunities for professional development. We also provide a supportive work environment that values work-life balance and personal growth.

Our work culture is dynamic and collaborative. We value teamwork and creativity, and we strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

Our work schedule varies depending on the position and the nature of the work. We strive to provide flexible scheduling options to accommodate our employees’ needs.

Yes, we offer some opportunities for remote work, depending on the position and the specific job requirements.

Yes, we are committed to helping our employees grow and develop their careers. We offer training programs, internship and research  opportunities, and advancement possibilities within the company.

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