Sustainable Conservation Evidence Trust

Empowering Communities, Protecting Ecosystems Join Likana Safari’s Sustainable Journey

Research for Conservation

Conducting research to gather evidence on effective conservation strategies.

Supporting Conservation

Providing support and resources to conservation organizations and initiatives

Educating for Conservation

Educating stakeholders and the public about the importance of sustainable conservation 


To promote evidence-based conservation practices that ensure the long-term sustainability of natural ecosystems and biodiversity

Likana Safaris conservation project mission
Biodiversity conservation
Community Engagement & Empowerment
Wildlife protection & anti-poaching measures
Sustainable resource management
Habitat Restoration And Protection
Education & Awareness



Promote inclusivity and diversity in conservation research by amplifying voices from diverse regions and backgrounds

Foster collaboration

Facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration among conservation practitioners, researchers, and policymakers

Likana Safaris conservation project mission

Build capacity

Foster capacity building in evidence-based conservation methods, including data collection, analysis, and interpretation


Establish partnerships and networks to support ongoing research and implementation of evidence-based conservation strategies

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